14 April 2021

Arrop i Tallaetes, the essence of our company

It´s impossible not to relate Paiarrop to the product that comprises the foundations of our company: Arrop i Tallaetes. A traditional Valencian sweet food with an amazing story behind it.

Home and craft cuisine merge in the accumulation of feelings evoked by each brush of flavour. Arrop i Tallaetes is both the mark of our ancestors and the starting point from where we focus on the future. Its sweet aroma arouses the memory of our elders working in the orchard, enduring long days in the sun while tending to the land in order to obtain the best fruit.

The origin of Arrop is somewhat uncertain. We know that the root of the word comes from the Hispanic Arabic arrúb and the classical Arabic rubb. The unknown factor revolves around how it was produced. According to various experts, it arose from the ban in the Islamic world on drinking wine. Cooking the must of grapes gave rise to this sweet, alcohol-free syrup. Although it´s true to say that documents mentioning Arrop dating back to the year 713 (AD) have been found in the Valencian Community, two years prior to the Muslim occupation, we prefer to leave this doubt to historians.

The gastronomic value of Arrop i Tallaetes has been deeply rooted in the land since the beginning of time. It was candy for children, a genuine sweet treat in times of scarcity, and energy for the farmers or, as Amalio, the founder of Paiarrop, would say: the labourers. This product represents the very roots of our company; even our name is derived from it.

Amalio was entrusted with bringing his father a little bread and Arrop every day, a man who worked tirelessly on the land in l’Alcudia and sold his goods in the markets. His father's admiration for this sweet was such that everyone in town knew him by the name of Paiarrop.

How is Arrop i Tallaetes consumed?

The most common way of eating Arrop has always been to spread it on a slice of bread, place pieces of pumpkin (tallaetes ) on top and have it at lunch time or as a snack between meals. This provided farmers with plenty of energy at a highly affordable price.

At Lent, this sweet was used to recreate baked rice for fasting, a meatless version to celebrate the festive season. In this recipe, the Arrop serves to sweeten the grains of rice and to totally revamp the traditional dish.

The manner in which this product is consumed has been changing over the years. Arrop i Tallaetes has now branched out towards a sphere that is increasingly associated with haute cuisine. Top chefs are always looking for flavours that make a difference and that ensure an experience for the palate. In this sense, the sweetness of Arrop and the cheese, game meat, and even foie gras served with it have become an inseparable combination for all fans of gastronomic innovation.

Arrop i Tallaetes represents the essence of our company, true to our roots. We at Paiarrop have put tremendous effort into pampering and protecting this unique product, which remains an authentic local specialty to this day.

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