31 May 2021

Chocolate-coated fruit, the best pairing for coffee

“Things should be clear and the chocolate thick”. This Spanish saying, which dates all the way back to the 17th century, is as well known today as on the day it was created. From an oral tradition, this phrase became popular when chocolate arrived in Europe; first in Spain (it is estimated that more than five tons of chocolate were consumed per annum around the year 1700), and then in other European countries. The new food, which caused a huge stir among the population, also led to other discussions; for example, is it better to drink it thick, or clear (in other words, with milk)?

While the trend in Spain was to thicken it, in other countries, such as neighbouring France, the chocolate was diluted with milk and, therefore, was much more liquid. These disputes between the different ways of consuming chocolate gave rise to the saying “things should be clear and the chocolate thick”, which means one should be clear when talking about what is really important, without fabrications, fears or worries. A set phrase that, in short, places a focus on the importance of calling things by their name. Particularly when talking about succulent chocolate.

Chocolate is still the subject of debate today, not in relation to how to consume it (we love it regardless of the form), but due to the difficulty in choosing from the variety of products available: drinking chocolate, chocolate bars; together with a snack; combined with other delicacies such as chocolate-coated fruit ... What type of chocolate should you choose and when? Debates on cocoa often follow this line.

Indeed, chocolate is regarded as a healthy product that can be ingested on a regular basis, although it is true to say that products containing more than 85% cocoa, what is commonly known as “dark chocolate”, are the most suitable. In general, milk chocolate would not fall into this category, nor would products with a high percentage of sugar (and far less those containing palm oil).

A delicious option to enjoy chocolate without losing its sweet touch is chocolate-dipped fruit: chocolate orange, chocolate figs, chocolate dates... Moreover, although it doesn’t look it, chocolate-coated fruit has a long tradition. When an unknown pastry chef, several hundred years ago, decided to dip pieces of fruit in chocolate what an amazing idea he had! Chocolate and orange desserts are quite common today, and this undoubtedly arises from this legacy of mixing fruit with cocoa.

What´s the best way of enjoying the After-dinner? With chocolate-coated fruits

Dipped chocolate fruit consists of a crazy sweet sensation of flavours and contrasts. Furthermore, this has also become the best pairing for After-dinners, as chocolate and coffee are a perfect match, and the combination of these two products enhances the experience, making it even more delicious.

How, for example, do you pair a date with chocolate? That´s easy, the fruit is covered in a chocolate coating. Ideally, the proportion between cocoa and fruit must be well- balanced, which can only be achieved in artisanal products with a long history behind them and which feature specialisation and quality as the undisputed characteristics of their brand.

Coffee, which is another common ingredient in our daily diet, is usually a drink taken at breakfast, but is also popular after lunch. It provides the energy to help us through the remainder of the afternoon, energy we often need. Adding one of these chocolate pleasures will take your post-meal coffee to a whole new level.

While having a cup of coffee together with a piece of chocolate-coated orange, you can make the most of the opportunity to catch up on the latest news, have a chat with colleagues or family, or even read a chapter of that book you´re engrossed in. Just as important as concentrating on your tasks and duties is taking a well-deserved break from time to time. What's more: scientific research has demonstrated the positive and beneficial effects of clearing your mind for a few minutes after a few hours of intense work. 

A piece of chocolate-coated fruit and a cup of coffee can comprise the break we all need from time to time: both appetising and tasty. Yes, we know: from now on dessert will turn into one of the best times of the day.

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