30 June 2022

Three cheeses to combine with Membrillo (Quince Paste)

Membrillo is a delicious preserve with aunique, soft, melting texture. Additionally, it is a food which has a greatnumber of properties, and which is very rich in potassium and low in sodium,among any other aspects. It is also a preserve which can be easily combinedwith other foods, such as cheese, which we will examine in this article. Membrillo with cheese is one of the greatestdelicacies that exists, a dish which is guaranteed to delight guests, and whichis perfect as a snack and for ending meals with a delicious flavour. We’regoing to explain the best combinations of Membrillo and cheese. Keep reading!

What is Membrillo?

Membrillo is a food prepared from thisyellow and gold fruit obtained from the quince tree – a small or medium sizedtree belonging to the Rosaceae family and originating in South West Asia. Thequince is a fleshy fruit, with a surface covered in a cottony fluff andwith a rough yellow flesh. On the inside of the fruit there are severalmucilaginous seeds, which are sticky, like those we can find in many otherfruits. Membrillo is a food obtained from this fruit and usually used indesserts, although we can also consume it for breakfast, spread on toast, or asa snack. In reality, it is a food which pairs very well with others, as is thecase of Membrillo with cheese.

Membrillo: properties

One of the most emblematic preserves in our gastronomy is Membrillo. It originatedin Spain and Portugal, although we can also find varieties of it in othercountries such as France, Italy, Greece and Turkey. In some countries of LatinAmerica, such as Mexico, it is known as “ate de membrillo”. In terms of thehealth properties and benefits of quince jelly, we can find many advantages.The following are the most important:

Recommended for people with high bloodpressure: Due to its high potassium and low sodiumcontent.

It is astringent: Due to its high fibre and tannin content, it is highly recommended incase of diarrhoea.

It is good for cholesterol: Being a fruit rich in pectins, it helps to reduce fat absorption.

It prevents gout: Due to its malic acid content, which can be found in the plant pigmentthat gives the fruit its flavour. This helps to eliminate uric acid and has adisinfectant effect.

It helps to keep bones healthy: Due to its high calcium content.

Recipes with Membrillo: Membrillo withcheese

As you can see, Membrillo is one of themost complete foods we can find, with the largest quantity of properties, notto mention, of course, its delicious and exquisite flavour. Many recipes can beprepared with Membrillo, although in this section we are going to talk aboutone of the best combinations: Membrillo with cheese. Let’s check it out!

Membrillo with sheepcheese

Sheep cheese is one of the most exquisiteand delicious cheeses we can find, highly recommended for those who loveintense flavours. Additionally, it is a dairy product which pairs perfectlywith Membrillo. It can be presented in the form of bites of cheese with Membrillo,especially for harder varieties, with the cheese serving as the base. Manchegosheep cheese has a firm texture and great flavour, whether it is cured orsemi-cured. This creates an ideal contrast between the sweet and savoury notes.Additionally, it can be used for tapas, starters and dessert – in the lattercase we can also add walnuts, a delicious combination.

Membrillo with blue cheese

For example, roquefort or cabrales.This is a combination with a very powerful flavour, more so than in theprevious case. This intense flavour contrasts perfectly with the Membrillo.It is recommended most for tapas, dips or savoury bites. The texture of bluecheese is usually soft, creamy and melting. This naturally provides protein,fat and calcium. It has a buttery texture on the palate, as well as there beingsharp varieties which intensify its flavour, depending on the milk and ripeningtime. This gives an even more delicious touch to the combination of Membrillo withcheese.

Membrillo with cream cheese

This is without doubt one of the bestcombinations for desserts with Membrillo. Cream cheese is the most spreadableof all, also having a milder flavour in comparison with the othercheeses mentioned, although there are exceptions. They are perfectly combined,allowing us to perceive the two flavours in a melting combination with sweethints. There are many types of cream cheese or creamy cheese, one of themost popular for this combination being Torta del Casar, especially inits presentation in a timbale of Membrillo and Torta del Casar. This spreadablecheese is also one of the most intense, with a more powerful flavour. Inreality, any spreadable cream cheese would work, including mascarpone or evenrolls of goat cheese. Another of the most delicious combinations is Membrillo withburrata cheese. Highly recommended!

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