18 January 2021

Energy for your body and pleasure in the same mouthful

It is no surprise that figs are also known as “the fruit of philosophers”. Plato labelled this fruit a delicacy, and Galen, the preferred physician of the great Roman emperors, recommended it as food for athletes competing at the Olympic Games. Furthermore, and according to the legend, Romulus and Remus were both suckled under a fig tree.

A wide range of cultures have been praising figs since the beginnings of time. Evidence of this can be found at the Great Pyramid of Giza, dating back to 4,000 B.C, where a number of hieroglyphics symbolising the harvesting of this food can still be seen today.

The properties of the fruit of the fig tree are endless, ranging from the prevention of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure to the preservation of the good state of the nervous system. In the case of dried figs, the nutritional value of the fruit triples due to the loss of water, giving rise to one of the most highly beneficial natural products.

The most valuable quality of figs lies in the pleasure its sweet flavour gives us, combined with the crunchy touch provided by the seeds inside the fruit, together with the added value of being a totally natural source of energy.

Each mouthful boosts the health of our body due to the fibre in dried figs and the high iron and calcium content, which makes them the ideal snack for athletes or people who need a daily energy boost.

Pure energy

When it comes to invigorating food, dried figs are ranked first. Compared to fresh figs and other fruit, the dried fruit of the fig tree contains 255 calories per 100 g, while the same product without having been dehydrated contains 80 calories in the same amount. 

 The dose of energy provided by dried figs is consistent with the amount of calories they provide, which in this case are highly nutritious for the body due to the fact they contain no saturated fat or cholesterol. They replenish your strength with natural sugars.

In this sense, dried figs become an ideal alternative for all parents wishing to eliminate industrial confectionary from their children's diet without depriving them of sweet and healthy flavours.

Strong bones

The adequate consumption of calcium not only promotes healthy bones, but also reduces the risk of osteoporosis and is recommended throughout a child´s growth process. 

A 60-gram serving of dried figs provides your body with 100 mg of calcium, so, based on the fact that adults need between 1000 and 1200 mg of this element every day, the intake of this amount of calcium would already supply you with 12% of the necessary dose. This value is even higher than that of skimmed milk.

Out dried figs with blue cheese.

High iron content

A lack of this essential element results in a reduction in oxygen in the body´s cells, reflected by symptoms of fatigue and weakness, thereby favouring the appearance of infections. 

One of the essential bases for ensuring a correct and healthy diet is the intake of 18 mg of iron per day. A 60 g serving of dried figs would provide 1.8 mg of this mineral with which to face up to the day. 

A filling, fibre-rich source of energy

There are two types of fibre in this context: soluble and insoluble. Dried figs provide the body with both types of fibre in practically identical amounts. 

The former is responsible for regulating blood sugar, reducing cholesterol levels and delaying digestion, which gives dried figs a satiating effect. In turn, insoluble fibre improves the bowel function due to its laxative power. 

Increasing the consumption of this element reduces the risk of contracting diseases related to the cardiovascular system such as high blood pressure and coronary disorders.

There are a thousand and one reasons why savouring dried figs is always a good option, in particular for those who engage in sports or people wishing to take care of their diet. It is hardly surprising that the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) recommends the daily consumption of figs due to the countless benefits they provide us with. 

Nutritional value for your body. Pure pleasure for you.

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