15 December 2020

The flavors of home

A few years ago science added a new flavour to the traditional classification of flavours comprising sweet, salty, bitter and acidic: umami, known as the fifth flavour. These are the basic flavours, the ones the taste buds on your tongue are able to detect. But what about the flavours of memory? Those we associate with our childhood, family, the warmth of our home. No amount of research will ever be able to define them, as home flavours can´t be cataloged. Everyone has their own, although we all agree on one thing: these are the flavours we always want to go back to.

The flavours of home are those that comfort you. The stew that brings the entire family to the table, the bread or muffins brought from town, the figs that evoke the end of summer, a little cheese with membrillo for dessert, Pan de higo that reminds us we are all together again every year… The flavours of home are associated with food, but also with moments. They have always been with us. They evoke happy times, so going back to them is a way of reviving them.

The flavours of home are flavours associated with our land. With the oranges the orchards give us every winter, tomatoes from the orchard, almonds, honey… Natural products that have been part of our diet for generations. Fruit, vegetables and sweets that our grandparents used to eat, that we have continued to enjoy and that we have included in our children's diet. Simple pleasures that tell of roots and tradition.

 We at Paiarrop have been preparing these home flavours for more than 35 years. Placing all our experience at the service of the best raw materials to manufacture products that give us back the happiness that enables us to connect with who we really are.

From now on, we would like to disclose details of our work to anyone wishing to discover another way of understanding gastronomy, ours, in which quality, tradition and the land join forces with the aim of retrieving these flavours from the memory, the flavours of home.


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