7 October 2022

What to mix quince with: the most delicious pairings

Quince is one of the meatiest and most delicious types of fruit, particularly when used to make sweets. Moreover, quince is an excellent pairing for other foods - regardless of whether we are using quince jelly or fresh quince used for cooking. As such, this article will explain what to mix quince with. We will now analyse what quince can be paired with in order to obtain a delicious, flavoursome and unique mixture. Pay close attention because you will just love our suggestions!

What goes well with quince? The top 8 pairings

We could discuss dozens and dozens of pairings to answer the question of what to do with quince, however to ensure this article doesn´t get boring and you don´t get tired of reading it, we have decided to choose the top 8 pairings for this emblematic fruit from the Rosaceae family. In addition, we should remind you that quince contains a significant number of nutrients, such as pectins, which provide many health benefits - more than enough reason to include it in your diet. For example, it reduces blood cholesterol levels, eliminates uric acid (the main cause of gout), it is astringent and helps combat high blood pressure.   

Quince jam with cinnamon

Jam is a sweet that is made by cooking the fruit, either whole or sliced, with a little water and a portion of sugar equal to the weight of the ingredient. Quince jam is one of the most delicious sweets there is; in addition, it can be used to spread on toast and to top cakes and other recipes. Furthermore, the combination of quince jam and cinnamon will always make the mixture far tastier and even more delicious. Cinnamon gives the quince a sweet, woody taste that, depending on your palate, can be said to have spicy and even citric undertones. The truth is that this pairing is simply fantastic.

Cheesecake with quince

The preparation of cheesecake usually includes a layer of jam to top it and give it a sweeter and even tastier flavour. In general, this fruit is a superb pairing for dairy products, and this is why the use of jam in cheesecake is so common, not only blueberry jam - the most popular -, but also cherry jam, raspberry jam, blackberry jam, red berry jam, and even fig jam. Indeed, the most amazing pairing of all is quince. If you want to experiment with new flavours and surprise your dinner guests, we recommend you try quince cheesecake.

Puff pastry with quince

The pairing of puff pastry and quince is, without a doubt, an amazing, highly delicious mix. We recommend you prepare it in the form of puff pastry braids or triangles, and you can add nuts if you so wish. In this case, what you will need is quince paste, sheets of puff pastry and walnuts - if you choose to include the latter. After baking in the oven for around 15 to 20 minutes at 200 ºC, you will be able to enjoy one of the most exquisite sweet, crunchy delicacies there is. As you can see, puff pastry with quince is very easy to prepare.

Quince jelly with apple

One of the best pairings there is quince jelly with apple. This is due to the fact both these types of fruit are very similar in texture and composition. You can either crush them and prepare them from scratch or add quince to the apple, which is slightly easier. Either in a pre-prepared apple jelly or placed directly on the fresh apple. Whatever you decide to do, these two foods make a great pairing.

Quince with walnuts

Walnuts provide the quince with greater consistency and an exquisite emulsified, crunchy texture. In addition, the bitter touch of almond skin, combined with the intense flavour of the meat of these nuts and the soft nature of the quince will make it a true delicacy that you can use to spread on bread or, if you´re a fan of pure sweet food, straight from the tablespoon. Indeed, quince with walnuts is an extremely popular pairing.

Canapés with quince meat

If you want to know what you can do with quince, more specifically what appetisers you can make with quince, then we recommend canapés with quince meat. All you need to do is to cut the meat into small thin slices and place them on the canapés. You can also add other ingredients such as cheese, nuts, and even rocket.

Cake with quince

Quince cake can be prepared in two different ways, either by adding raw quince before cooking the dough or by adding quince jelly. The mixture is delicious in both cases, however, you won´t need to add so much sugar to your cake in the latter option. This dessert is very healthy and is sure to please your dinner guests.

Chicken with quince

To wrap up the question of what to mix quince with, we recommend the following pairing, which can also be served as a main course: chicken with quince. Chicken with quince is made using both the breasts and thighs. It consists of cooking the chicken and the quince at the same time, thereby giving the meat a delicious sweet flavour – which will literally melt in your mouth. You can also use the quince to make a sauce for serving on top of the chicken. In this case, you can mix the fruit with sweet wine, chicken broth, nutmeg, ground cloves, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

What cheese goes with quince jelly?

There are several different types of cheese that pair with quince. Indeed, this is one of the most delicious pairings there is. Some of the most noteworthy pairings appreciated by culinary experts are quince with sheep´s cheese, blue cheese and cream cheese. You can learn more about the specific types of cheese to pair with quince in this article.

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